Reusable Plastic Cups

Our PromoCups are an full range of Reusable Plastic Cups. They’re are an ideal solution for festivals, concerts, sporting events or pretty much any other occasion you can think of!

Our PromoCups Reusable Plastic Cups,  are made of high quality Polypropylene (PP), are available in different sizes so they’ll work for variety of beverages. The standard shape of the cup make them easy to hold, serve and stack. These Reusable Plastic Cups provide a save, durable and ecological alternative for disposables and glassware!

On top of all the environmental benefits, we offer the opportunity to fully custom brand the PromoCups Branded Reusable Plastic Cups attract attention, relay messages, serve as keepsakes and most importantly make your event more sustainable.

Did you know, that on top of all the marketing benefits, PromoCups Reusable Plastic Cups could provide you with an additional revenue stream? So not only do you save money by switching to reusable cups, you could make money as well!

That’s a win-win in our book!

Single use-plastics are outdated, hazardous and unnecessary! It’s time for a change in attitude: not just for us, for your event and visitors, but for future generations as well!

Join us, and help make the event industry a more sustainable place. Stop using disposables and switch today!


For years we’ve been battling the use of single use PET-Cups. That ends here!
Reusable Plastic Cups are the best solution to decrease the sheer amount of waste caused by disposables.

Not only are our PromoCups Reusable Plastic Cups made of recycled plastic, we’ll even pick them back up if you’re no longer able to use them to make sure they are recycled properly.

Adopt our Zero Waste Policy, and make your event more sustainable!

Switching to Reusable Plastic Cups

When you are considering switching to reusable plastic cups, the additional organization might be overwhelming.

However, there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. We have helped dozens of clients over the last few years with the implementation of a reusable cup system.

Let us help you conquer the initial challenges, and learn from our past experiences.



Events and drinks are inseparable, so are events and cups.

Cups are utensils. However, many people underestimate the power of a cup as a marketing tool. As a tool to relay messages to your audience.

Reusable plastic cups are more than just cups. They can be an additional revenue stream!

Don’t hesitate any longer, and switch to PromoCups. Choose for long term benefits, for the environment and for your wallet!


Even the smallest changes make a difference. Therefore, we’ve set up a free borrowing program for small local events, to make sure the PromoCup is available for everybody.

We understand purchasing the PromoCups might not be the best option for your situation. But borrowing may be. Sometimes all you need is a free trail to experience change!

Do want to know if you qualify to use our reusable plastic cups for free?


Each and every plastic gets damaged over time. Even our high quality polypropylene PromoCups.

After dozens of use and wash cycles, your cups might reach a point they are no longer suitable for use.

We will happily pick them up, the make sure your cups will be see new life as other useful objects.


Maintaining the quality of the reusable plastic cups, to be able to use them over and over again might be more important than switching to the PromoCups.

Maintaining your cups means washing, drying and storing your cups safely, while having them readily available for future use.

We know that not everybody is capable or wants to take care of the additional logistics themselves. Therefore, we offer to do this for you!

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