Cups are not a burden. They're an additional revenue stream!

We understand that there are still financial incentives that prevent you from switching. But did you know that switching to reusable cups can open up an entirely new income stream?

Design your cups as keepsakes and have the cups pay for themselves,

Many Possibilities lies ahead

You can Buy or borrow them

Even the smallest improvements help. Therefore, we encourage even the smallest events to switch to reusable plastic cups.
We also understand that, especially for the small events, purchasing reusable plastic cups is quite a wasted investment. For this reason, we have set up a free borrowing program for smaller, local initiatives. so you can buy the promocups starting at 500 unities or just borrow them and return them to us

You can Customize it

Our custom printed reusable plastic cups are  made from a durable, recyclable plastic; polypropylene  plastic which is the most widely accepted plastic for recycling. These cups provide a top quality branding opportunity for all occasions, offering a perfect background for logos and branding images on the cup’s smooth and clear or colorful surface.

Simple Transparent ?

The reusable plastic cup  is Ideal for every big and small event. The reusable cup  is inexpensive, unbreakable, highly transparent, stackable, food safe, reusable, suitable for dishwashers, light and versatile »suitable for any beverage. The cup offers very high security, as it does not cause injury from broken pieces. Plastic cups made of polypropylene are virtually indestructible. Suitable for every drink on an open air, at all events, in the bar, on the tent party, in the garden, at the pool, in the household, in the kindergarten, in the school, in the spa and in the hotel wellness area.

Wondering on the how to ?